Q: Aqua Live Resin vs CRC

A: In order to properly answer this question you have to define what CRC is, and the drawback is that CRC is a new cannabis industry-specific term that lacks definition. There is no defined process from a legacy industry or science, no standard formula or procedure, and the stated desirable outcome is irrelevant to product quality. CRC is basic packed bed filtration, and the number of media used, the ratios at which they're used, how they're blended, prepared and loaded is all random and depends on the education and experience of the operator to achieve a desirable outcome.

It is easy to mistake our product for CRC due to the high purity of our end product, however, unlike CRC we do not specifically target color bodies with our purification methods.

Where our process is only uniquely applied to Aqua Live Resin, CRC is broadly applied to a number of different classes of product including shatter and there is no effort to collect or separate distinct fractions. CRC has no care for retention time, targeting specific species, and is largely about bleaching rather than purification. Where CRC is indiscriminate, our process is deliberate and accurate. The Cannaflavins for instance are yellow, and an important part of the consumer experience and if all you care about is bleaching you might overlook that nuance.


Q: What is Aqua Live Resin?

A: Sano Gardens extracts quality Fresh Frozen live material with Butane and Propane in a closed loop similar to most other hydrocarbon extractors. What is unique about our Aqua Live Resin is that Sano Gardens developed an in-line purification process akin to traditional Chromatography, in a stand-alone high pressure Chromatography column designed for that purpose by their R&D lead (IG: @murphymurri) whom also holds educational courses open to the public at the Sano Gardens facility.


As with traditional column Chromatography, unlike CRC, fractions are collected from the column at intervals that allow clean separation between the solid cannabinoid fractions and the liquid terpene fractions. These fractions are further purified through traditional re-crystallization techniques and principles, allowing the terpenes to be separated and subjected to gentler processes at lower temperatures than the solid cannabinoids. This unique separation process allows us to retain terpenes that might otherwise be lost or damaged during processing.


Q: What material do you use to make your products?

A: Aqua Live Resin is produced from high quality fresh frozen bud material, we believe that quality output begins with quality input and we devote time and care to sourcing some of the best fresh frozen flowers that the Colorado Market has to offer for extraction.

Zirconia is produced from quality dry cured material, which allows us to bring you a high purity product for a budget friendly price. Rather than gambling by extracting old degraded trim, we capitalize on the abundant THC-A in fresh dry-cured material and our efficient processes to lower costs for consumers!

Q: Why do we use Flavor Seals?

A: Most cannabis products are packaged in oxygen permeable packaging, which leads to rampant product degradation and flavor loss as the volatile terpenes are permitted to escape, this is an industry wide problem with concentrate and flower packaging. Our solution is a terpene friendly, food safe induction seal that preserves the terpene content until the consumer is able to unseal the jar. Additionally, this tight seal prevents leaking or product migration due to incidental motion as a result of transportation.


Q: What is a Live Resin Cartridge?

A: Our Live Resin Cartridges are formulated with delta-9 THC derived from high purity solid THC-A diamonds combined with the clean aromatic terpene fraction from our Aqua Live Resin. This pairing allows us to bring you an astonishingly clean formula that has never been subjected to harsh distillation conditions and only contains cannabinoids and cannabis derived terpenes.


Q: What is Zirconia?

A: Zirconia is THC-A that has been purified and isolated. Intended for consumers who might not want to or cannot consume terpene rich cannabinoid formula, or who might want to formulate or supplement other products. Much cleaner and dramatically more concentrated than kief, it can supplement bud in joints, blunts or bongs where kief traditionally serves.


Q: How to consume Zirconia?

A: Though Zirconia can be consumed as a stand-alone concentrate product, it serves best by supplementing and highlighting other products. Similar to kief and shatter, its form factor allows easy application while rolling joints or blunts, and can easily be spooned onto bud in a glass pipe or bong. Zirconia’s high purity and budget friendly price point also makes it a good candidate for homemade topical or edible products intended for personal use.